CSR Activities

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Major CSR Activities



1.      Print and Publication:

a.       Amader Katha magazine

Employees can practice their cultural & literature activities through participating in the magazine. Moreover its information make the workforce familiar with the latest trends in the industry.

b.      Annual Calendar

Annual calendar published by Epyllion Group promotes our national pride with the aim of informing the world that- “We also have many things to be proud of”


2.       Health & Hygienic:

a.      Special Care for cleanliness Solution

Epyllion ensures clean working environment to provide hygienic work place for all the employees which helps to stay healthy.

b.      Free Medicine

Epyllion has its own free medicine corner within the premises from where all sorts of medicines are provided to ensure fast recovery of the employees.

c.       Health Camp

Epyllion organizes free Medical Health Camp by specialized doctors to make the employees aware, treat & distribute free medicine.

d.      Subsidy for the Management Staff

Epyllion Group subsidized health care support to the management staff from nominated health care center.


3.      Health & Nutrition.

a.       Tiffin for the workers

Epyllion provides snacks to all employees which ensure balanced nutrition for the work forces.

b.      Subsidy for lunch for the management level

Epyllion provides lunch subsidy to the employees which ensures the good health & balanced nutrition of that unit.


4.      Social & Welfare

a.       Picnic (Textile Division)

Epyllion organizes different types of Annual Programs on which each and every employee can participate. This types of initiative enhance the commitment of the employee & employer which helps to uphold the morale.

b.      Annual Doa mahfil.

c.       Football & volleyball competition.

d.      Raffle draw after Eid vacation.


5.      Education assistance program (KHEA)

a.       Education allowance (Monthly and annually)

Epyllion encourages the recognition for excellence outcome in the mass education. It helps to promote the slogan “Education for All” and assist to develop the next generation.

b.      Award giving to S.S.C and H.S.C successful candidates.


6.      Community assistance program

a.       Donation to CRP.

Epyllion’s community development program s are initiated to support the deprived community which expresses the group’s commitment toward the physically challenged people & distressed people.

b.      Donation to School.

c.       Winter cloths distribution to affected people.


7.      Environment caring initiatives.

a.       ETP. Epyllion Group’s investment in the most modern Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP)s reflects its caring attitude toward sterilized environment. With the aim of having green world and saving species, Epyllion observes Environment & Tree Plantation week every year.

b.      Environment week observance.

c.       Tree plantation week observance.


8.      Employee’s assistance program

a.       Interest free loan Epyllion’s sharing & caring attitude toward her employees helps to maintain high morale and better life.

b.      Gift for new born baby.

c.       Best performers foreign tour

d.      Free transport facility

e.      Maternity benefit

f.        Internal and external training


9.      Social, Ethical, sustainable & counter terrorism certification

a.       WRAP certification (Social and ethical) Epyllion Group consistently acquires several certifications on the Socio-ethical & environmental welfare issues which are the recognition of the group’s intention toward the societal development

b.      C-TPAT (certification of partnership against terrorism)

                c.     Organic exchange.




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