Our strategic approach ensures us maximum return on our spending and boosts the profit of our organization. To out stretch our business we always analyze and set priorities for regions, products and services.

Quality Assurance (Not Quality Control)

In Epyllion, all of us culture the mindset of positive but inquisitive attitude even for our day to day work. Since qualities are not necessary quality innate, to establish these kind of mindset we often reward outstanding performances and achievements. We have spared some of our resources for the clients to inspect our goods, working procedure and environment, because we belief in customer driven marketing in order to be effective. Our customers are our prime focus, because through them we reap the rewards.

Industrial Engineering (IE)

Industrial Engineering (IE) is innovating scientific approach on production process in order to get the optimum level of output. IE team is optimizing capacity in the basis of "Time", they are calculating “Standard Minutes Value (SMV)” of each product by using software named GSD (General Sewing Data). Marketing team is costing of every product based on SMV and minute cost of factories.

Research & Development (R&D)

Epyllion always thrives for new horizon of product portfolio. Epyllion plans to develop a design studio which will clearly depicts its important towards the new type of styles, fabrications as well as the efficient production processes.

One Umbrella Planning

Presence of very vibrant central planning department has made production re-engineering possible in Epyllion. "Fast React" (planning software) plays a dominant role in setting up the macro and micro level production plan.

Dekko Knitwear Limited, Unit 1 & 2
                Number of Production Lines: 12
                Number of Work Station: 489
                Capacity = 520,000 pcs/month
                No. of Direct Workers = 495
                No. of Indirect Workers = 538
Epyllion Knitwear Limited, Unit 1, 2 & 3
                Number of Production Lines: 19
                Number of Work Station: 708
                Capacity = 800,000 pcs/month
                No. of Direct Workers = 738
                No. of Indirect Workers = 871
Dazzling Dresses Limited
                Number of Production Lines: 18
                Number of Work Station: 669
                Capacity = 680,000 pcs/month
                No. of Direct Workers = 972
                No. of Indirect Workers = 1170
Epyllion Style Limited
                Number of Production Lines: 49
                Number of Work Station: 1743
                Capacity = 1,400,000 pcs/month
                No. of Direct Workers = 1982
                No. of Indirect Workers = 3077
Epyllion Style Limited, Extension  
                Number of Production Lines: 12
                Number of Work Station: 559
                Capacity = 400,000 pcs/month
                No. of Direct Workers = 602
                No. of Indirect Workers = 713

Total Capacity in Group  

Total Number of Production line 110   

Total Number of Direct Workers 4,981  

Total Number of Indirect Workers 6,656  


Total workstation 4,162   

Monthly production 3,800,000 pcs  

Monthly available production time 1,130,000 hours  








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